About IMDO

IMDO was established in 2010, founded on a longstanding commitment to the economic and social success of the state of Israel. IMDO constantly seeks new opportunities for collaboration

with relevant partners.

IMDO largely focuses its investments on early-stage Israeli companies, primarily in medical devices. It targets companies that have a strong, highly qualified management team and unique or out-of-the-box technologies that have clear advantages and a large market potential. The Fund’s typical investment ranges from $100,000 to $300,000.

IMDO believes its management of its portfolio companies is a key asset. It invests

in the relationship to build a true partnership that supports the portfolio companies throughout their life cycle. IMDO’s established network of experts from industry and business guides and assists entrepreneurs.


As a patient investor, IMDO fully understands the life cycle of life science companies

and for that reason emphasizes achievable milestones over reasonable timetables.


Etai Gilboa, Ph.D.


Etai Gilboa brings more than eight years of experience in business development, with particular expertise in the life science arena. He has a large network in Israel and other relevant markets,

and specializes in establishing partnerships with global companies, academia, research centers

and government offices in Israel and abroad. He has managed IMDO since its inception.